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Top 10 Hacks to keep your Car clean

Top 10 Hacks to keep your Car clean

When you first get a new Car dealership in Madera, you can’t imagine what it’s going to look like after a cruise or two. You swear you’ll never let that new car smell die or that you’ll never stain the backseat with a grocery bag that leaks. But alas, it turns out keeping a car neat and tidy is no easy task and you probably had to learn that the hard way!

Use a Portable Trash Bin

Reusable plastic cereal containers are perfect to use as a garbage receptacle inside your Used car dealerships in Madera. They are compact enough that they don’t interfere with your personal space.

Remove Bugs With Soda

Either spray club soda onto your windshield with a spray bottle or pour it directly onto the exterior glass to break up stuck-on bugs and grime. The residue will come right off.

Use The Drop Stop

Instead of taking this unnecessary safety risk, use the Drop Stop. It wraps around your seat belt, and it does an excellent job of covering that gap

Clean Your Dash Vents With a Small Foam Brush

Foam paint brushes are perfect to get in those tight spaces, picking up dust without scratching delicate parts.

Clean Your Chrome With Cola

Pour a liberal amount of cola on a clean, soft cloth and wipe it onto your car’s chrome pieces, like the wheels, the grille, etc.

Screwdriver For The Dashboard

The dashboard and console can be one of the most difficult areas of the Used car dealerships in Fontana to clean. Grab a flat-head screwdriver and cover the end with a clean cloth. Use the cloth-covered end to get in all the tough-to-to clean spots

Organize The Back Seats With a Car Organizer Built For Back Seat

There are car organizers that can be attached to your seat. They come with numerous pockets to allow for storage of several small items. 

Use a Backseat Hammock For Pets

It keeps your pets contained in the rear seat and collects dirt, hair, and paw prints so it doesn’t get embedded into your upholstery.

Wax Your Paint

keeping your car Car dealership in Madera looking cleaner for longer. When it does get dirty enough to wash, the dirt comes off the waxed finish much easier than normal.

Use Silicone Cupcake Liners To Catch Crumbs

You can use a silicone cupcake liner as a holder for crumbs


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