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Guide To Keeping Your Car Clean In The Winter

Guide To Keeping Your Car Clean In The Winter

Throughout the winter, keeping your car's inside clean with muddy shoes, wet leaves and sodden coats that bring the outside in is almost impossible. This can spell disaster for car mats, carpets and upholstery, leaving your car smelling damp and covered with bacteria and nasty germs.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your car clean in the winter, and we're showing you how this handy car care guide is.

Considering how quickly cars appear to stay clean in winter, at all this time of year, most people do not want to wash their vehicles. Nonetheless, it is more important to keep your car clean now than it is at any other season due to all the dirt, salt and grime on the streets.




Your paintwork could do with an extra layer of protection with all the salt, grit and other rubbish thrown at it. This is what wax will provide Ideally you want to wax before the bad weather arrives, but if you haven't yet, it's not too late to give your vehicle a damn good session of cleaning and waxing. There are numerous forms of labels that you can use.


Snow Foam


If you have a pressure washer and a snow foam lance, you need to use them frequently on your car to get off the worst of the grime and salt. If it's not something you used before, it's worth looking into: it's just a case of covering the car in a thick layer of stuff, letting it do its thing for a while, and rinsing off both the soap and all the grime it's fighting against.

Before you go for a complete wash, it's a good thing to do as it takes care of most of the caustic surface grit you would otherwise be grinding into your paintwork, and if you followed the previous move and have a decent protective layer of wax on the vehicle, a quick snow foam spray could be all you need to get your car cleaned to a satisfactory level–what's known as a' non contact wash.'


Hosing The Car Down


If you don't have a pressure washer, a regular garden hose will be enough to hold off your paintwork all that dirty winter rubbish. Focusing on areas such as the wheel arches, where moisture retention means building up of muck, and in the long run-rust, is particularly important.


Use Rubber Floor Matts


It seems like an easy enough decision to temporarily swap your fabric floor mats with hard-wearing rubber models, but how many people do it? They're cheap to buy, and when you know you won't have to spend all the spring getting the grime off you'll be much happier getting into your car with muddy shoes.


Drying The Car Thoroughly


It is necessary to dry the vehicle thoroughly during the winter once the vehicle has been washed and rinsed. It involves keeping the doors open to allow any stagnant wash water to dry out and not to pool moisture.

When the vehicle is totally dry. Both materials, including vinyl and rubber, are re-waxed and sealed. Warming the cloth used to spread the wax can be useful as it will allow it to adhere more readily to the cold metal layer.

It is also possible to use a hair dryer to heat the metal to make wax application more efficient.


Driving Safe


Try to avoid going through very deep snow while driving which can get caught in the undercarriage and expose the metal to salt It should also be discouraged if necessary to ride over salty puddles of water and slush.

Driving on snowy roads in winter can be challenging, but the use of sand and salt on icy roads can make travel safer. Road safety is more important than the unfortunate downside to the corrosive nature of salt on vehicles. The harmful effects of salt can be prevented by following a regular routine for treatment or avoidance.


Wheels And Tires


With tires and wheels with gritting agents and salt continuously coming into contact with abrasive materials, they are a prime candidate for harm and problems during the cold period. You can buy a tire dressing to help keep the tires dry and build a protective barrier to help the wheel withstand the hardest conditions. Just wash the tires and tires to remove the polish, put on a generous coating and leave for 10-15 minutes to cool.




The most prone area of the car to attack by salt water, gravel and dust is the undercarriage and underside of the frame of your vehicle. Many owners like to spray the car regularly to make sure they reduce the risk of any harm while others like to add an underbody sealant to their vehicle. When you plan to use a sealant, make sure that you don't add it to damaged places because it will intensify oxidation. Before using the sealant, it is important to ensure that your vehicle's underside is completely clean and that you may want to use a rust inhibitor next to the sealant.


Final Word

A positive mindset and a little preparation is the most critical factor in keeping your vehicle clean and free of harm during the winter period. Through taking preventive measures, you will stop the greatest possible harm to your vehicle by waxing and sealants and gently drive, something that you should do at any time of year can make you do too many cleaning sessions.

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