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3 Significant Used Cars Laws

3 Significant Used Cars Laws

The United States of America has 50 states and two territories but does not have the same view on many topics. 

And it's no different to buy a used car.

That's why we've included three most important laws relating to used cars in this article if you're looking to buy one in California.


Buyer’s Remorse Law

Well, you'd most likely already know what the Buyer's Remorse Policy is. But in the chances you don't, there's nothing to think about. We're here to help you out.  

So first of all, what is the Buyer's Remorse Law?

It is the law that gives customers the right to cancel agreements or refund goods for any reason or even for no reason within the given days after the agreement is official.

Nevertheless, not all states have similar opinions, and in California’s situation. Like a new car having a traditional three-day cooling-off cycle, there is no cycle for used cars, but you are allowed to return the item and cancel the service you signed up for without any questions being asked.

Therefore, you need to know that not all contracts can be canceled because they rely on contract law or company policies.


So, how is it going to work with used car purchases?


California is one of the states that provides provisions for Buyers Remorse Law for cars but it applies only to the sale of used cars. The law doesn’t apply to motorcycles nor commercial vehicles and the car’s price should be less than $40,000.


As already mentioned, there wouldn't be any cooling-off period readily available for a used car but the dealer may offer you the chance to buy a cooling-off period of two days. 


If you buy the protection for your vehicle and then decide to return the vehicle, you’ll have to return it to the exact dealer you purchased it from within the given two business days of the agreement without having exceeded the mileage limits stated in the contract.


Lemon Law


California is yet again one of the only states to have a Lemon Law but typically it covers only new cars. Now again, if you don’t know what a Lemon Law is, we must tell you very proudly that it is an American state law which provides the buyers of cars and other consumer goods with a remedy in case it repeatedly fails to meet standards of quality and performance of the automotive manufacturer. 

Now, when it comes to new and used cars, we have already mentioned, California typically provides provision for Lemon Law only on new cars. However, you can still be able to gain from this law only if you were sold the car with a dealership certified warranty.

Typically, dealership warranties are solid for a period between 30 days to 3 months and maybe even longer depending upon the dealer you purchase from. And remember, the extended warranty that you purchase at the signing of your car is not the same as a dealership warranty.

You can check your dealership warranty by contacting your dealer. 

While having the safety and security of your car’s dealership warranty, you’ll be protected in the same way as the owner of a new lemon car.

You may also receive the benefit of implied warranty merchantability that can help you avoid paying a deductible and any other fees that might otherwise be required under the dealer’s warranty.


California Warranty Law


Speaking for insurance, let's think about California's warranty policy even though the state does not have a specific plan; there are two exceptions to this situation.

If the certified dealer you purchase your car from is a "buy-here-pay-here" dealership that allows you to make direct transactions from one place to another, and the seller must provide you with a total of 30 days and 1,000 miles of warranty.

First, if the manufacturer advertises the cars as registered pre-owned vehicles, California law mandates them to provide the customer with at least 30 days of guarantee warranty that is like Lemon Law but for the case of used vehicles. 

Therefore, these three big regulations relating to the sale of used vehicles in California have to be taken into consideration when purchasing your used car. If you're in a town or county like Fresno in California and you're looking to buy a used car, you need to learn these three rules.

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